Clone Trooper Helmets


Are you a huge fan of Star Wars? If so, chances are you will love these Clone Trooper Captain Helmet from eFX. This is no cheap thing, as it is a high end prop replica that will certainly have your friends fawning all over you (assuming they’re share an equal adoration of Star Wars with you). With only 50 of these available worldwide, you can be sure that their price will increase even more in due time, making these a surefire hedge against inflation and recession (of course, if the deal goes sour, please don’t blame me for it). Bringing one home won’t be cheap though, as eFX is offering it at a promotional price of $349 for its remaining stocks on hand. One interesting thing about this that caught my attention? The fin on the top of the helmet lights up, just like in the movies.

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Maria M Says: February 14, 2009 at 5:30 pm

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