The Angel & Devil Earphones

by Ally

If you are constantly debating between the good and the bad thing to do, display it proudly with these earphones.  They can sit in either ear and you can pretend those conflicting thoughts come directly from the earbuds.  Just don’t expect to tell anyone else about the voices and not end up in a cozy padded room.  Although they won’t whisper any actual suggestions in your ears, they will play your favorite music.

Just don’t take the lyrics as a message from either God or the devil, that might get interesting depending on the type of music you typically listen to.  These don’t just come in red and white, they also come in colors like white and purple, white and pink, white and black and then a different type of white and pink.  All around you’ll have plenty of selection when it comes to these.  You can purchase them on GeekStuff4U for ¥ 3,200.00  or about $34.

Source: Ubergizmo

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