Kindle 2 is now official

by Mark R

After many months of leaked photos and rumors,’s CEO Jeff Bezos finally unveiled the Kindle 2 today. Like the famous upgrade of the iPhone, the Kindle is slimmer as it is 0.36 inches thick (half as thick as the old one).

Another upgrade of the Kindle 2 is the battery life. It is approximately 25 percent larger than before, and good for two weeks without charging. The memory has also been increased at 2GB instead of the 256MB from the old Kindle.

One of the most outstanding features is the text-to-speech feature that literally allows the Kindle to read to you. Yes, the voice sounds very artificial, so you might not want it to tell you your favorite story for very long.

If that new feature doesn’t turn you on, then you might be interested in Whispersync, which allows for automatic synchronization with other Kindles. Now you can share content to both old and new versions of the Kindle, and the company plans to have Whispersync compatible with other wireless reading devices.

If you want to get the Kindle 2, you should be able to get it on February 24th. It might take a little while to ship to you, but the cost will be the same as the original: $359.


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Yani Says: July 26, 2009 at 6:00 pm

I wonder what the Kindle may do to libraries and our concept of the book. Will our children have a completely different understanding of the word “text.” I found a good discussion on the matter at pandalous. It’s here:

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