Isophone concept lets you take phone calls in sensory deprivation

by Mark R

So what is it that we are looking at here? Is it some sort of high tech dunking test to see if someone is a witch? Or is it some rejected concept for the Cone of Silence for last summer’s Get Smart movie?

Would you believe it is a telecommunications device that blocks out all peripheral sensory distractions? This is exactly what the Isophone is designed to do, keeping your head above water as your body floats.

So there is nothing to distract you from your precious phone calls as your body is in a sensory deprivation tank. Okay, here’s the problem that I have with this particular device: the phone calls that would require this level of concentration would probably require me to take notes. How am I to take notes when my hands are underwater? I’m going to need a whiteboard and one good Sharpie.

The Isophone was designed by James Auger and Jimmy Loizeau, and is currently just a concept. I would like to suggest a way of marketing this product. Have it ready to use at a hotel pool in Las Vegas at CES 2010. I will personally bring my bathing suit for that one.

I would also like to see this Isophone do more than just take more phone calls. I would love to watch television on an Isophone without hearing my phone. I also wouldn’t mind having this Isophone for when I write my Coolest Gadgets postings, so I can write without distraction.


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