The World’s Smallest Indoor RC UFO


Are you a huge fan of remote control flying toys? If so, gadget mavens Brando has what it touts to be the smallest indoor RC UFO in the world, and we certainly won’t go against that judging by its diminutive size. It relies on a wide range IR controller, and the small and lightweight design helps the UFO maintain its flight path in the room. We strongly recommend that you keep all doors and windows closed while turning off the fan, as we suspect a slightly stronger than normal breeze would send this tumbling down to earth and causing Area 51 scientists to knock on your door almost immediately in their blind quest for extra terrestrial life. Brando is currently offering the World’s Smallest Indoor RC UFO for $24.90 after a $5 discount.

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Mike Says: February 23, 2009 at 5:38 pm

Cool,I like the invention and the author wrote very well and humorous.5 star post.

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