The Bath Ball cleans up nasty bath water

Baths are great to soothe worn out muscles, to relax after a long day and for some they are the primary way to wash up.  Personally, for all of the above I prefer a hot shower, I don’t exactly like the idea of soaking in dirty water.  I’m sure even for those that enjoy baths, it does on occasion get to them over the dirty water factor.  That’s where this strange little bath ball would come in very handy.  It is used to make sure your bath water doesn’t get too dingy.

Since it was made in Japan, it’s entirely possible that it was created for those that use the same bathwater for more than one person.  However, it’d also work great for those that have a hard time soaking in the tub, due to the dirt factor.  It attracts and absorbs oil, dirt and residue.  It’s reusable and filled with charcoal and polypropylene.  To wash it, you can either toss it in the washing machine or wash it by hand in the sink.  It doesn’t say about how many times it can be used, so it’s hard telling if the price is worth it or not.  You can purchase it for $45 at the Japan Trend Shop.

Source: OhGizmo

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