SIMply-A-GPS turns a cellular phone into a GPS device

Some of you readers might be disappointed that your mobile phone doesn’t have a GPS device like other mobile phones. Well, if your cellular phone has a SIM card reader, then you should have no problem getting a GPS in your phone with the aptly-named SIMply-A-GPS.

This product, developed by Sagem-Orga and BlueSky Positioning, is definitely one of those products that truly defines plug-and-play. Somehow, these two groups have figured out how to put a GPS receiver, antenna, as well as the application software into a product that fits into any phone’s card reader.

It can work with any GSM or 3G phone, and, when inserted, it will run on your mobile like a SIM/USMI. Apparently, there are no software or hardware changes required for handsets, and it can support generic location-based services such as navigation, such as “find a place or person” services and location-aware games.

It also supports E-112 and E-911 Emergency Call Positioning and enables SIM, mobile, and network-based LBS applications.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be a release date for this product, but there is word that the product was given out last November. Perhaps the company wanted to give out samples in hopes word of mouth would spread, kind of like what Joby did with the Zivio Boom at CES unveiled. For more information about this product, read here.