Rapid Repair offers hard drive upgrade for iPods


When the words Rapid Repair are bandied about to the commoner, chances are the first thing one would think of would be an auto repair shop to service automobiles that have broken down. Well, the more technologically savvy ones out there will realize that Rapid Repair does not do cars, bikes or buses, but it caters for the world of digital electronics instead. Today, they have announced that they will be able to increase the capacity of your fifth generation iPod Video to hit a whopping 240GB – that’s a vast improvement over the stock iPod Video that you bring home from the store. Head on after the jump to read more about this service.

For those who already find it difficult to fill up the existing space on their iPod Videos, we guess this service is not meant for you. As for the rest who find that they run out of space faster than clean underwear, 240GB certainly sounds like a heaven sent number, thanks to the utilization of a 1.8″ Toshiba hard drive that now allows your iPod Video to hold a whopping 60,000 songs, 300 hours of video, or 50,000 photos. Depending on your preference, Rapid Repair will install the 240GB hard drive on your behalf (for a fee, of course) or sell it directly to the end user for a DIY procedure. These hard drives are tipped to be available within a fortnight or 3 weeks’ time, with the relevant pricing structure coming out around then as well.

According to Aaron Vronko, CEO, co-founder and service manager of Rapid Repair, “The original iPod Video shipped with 30GB, 60GB or 80GB hard drives. For owners of these units, the 240GB upgrade drive is an incredible upgrade. As the top independent iPod repair facility in the U.S., Rapid Repair has done extensive testing to ensure the compatibility and reliability of this 8mm Toshiba 240GB hard drive. This is an amazing opportunity for 5G iPod Video owners to turn their units into all-in-one entertainment centers.”

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