Hoverit Floating Chair

by Mark R

In the seventh grade, I imagined a chair that you could sit in, and it would float in the air. The Hoverit lounge chair is this dream turned into reality, but it doesn’t exactly fly around the room like I picture it.

However, you got to give the British company Hoverit credit for trying something that is altogether nifty to keep the lounger floating three inches in the air. It does not work by magic or anti-gravity technology, but with the power of simple magnets. The company describes the experience as “floating on a cloud”, and special stabilizers keep it hovering so you don’t fall out of the sky.

The Hoverit Floating Chair dimensions are at 6.5 feet by 3 feet by 3 feet, and can be customized with different shapes of cutouts for the seats, such as circles, hearts, droplets, or slots. The user can also add mats to soften the acrylic look.

Apparently, acrylic is the only design it comes in. It looks like furniture that you would find at Magneto’s plastic prison in the first two X-men films. Hey, wasn’t that furniture designed to resist magnetism?

If you want this in your own home, be prepared to shell out quite a lot, something to the tune of $8,350.


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Ro Says: February 7, 2009 at 3:39 am

A Floating chair should be the ultimate in comfort but that hideous fugly thing looks like the very essence of discomfort.

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