Hammacher and Schlemmer’s Mind Relaxer

If you’re feeling a bit high strung from all the pressures that life has to offer, you might want something to help you wind down.  That is, wind down without alcohol or any other substances going into your system.  This Mind Relaxer incorporates light and sound to help soothe you as well as help you block out the rest of the world.  Which would be especially nice if you’ve been having issues shutting off your brain when you’re ready to go to bed at night.

Of course I can’t help but notice that it might be easier to learn the art of meditation instead of forking out the dough for this.  However, meditation can prove difficult for some.  The glasses have a total of 12 LED lights that are embedded into the inside of the glasses.  Those LEDs then surround your orbital lobes with some gentle light.  There are a grand total of 18 sound and light programs and if you aren’t pleased with those, you can find more online.  You can pick this up for $349.95 which is why I think I’ll probably just start meditating instead of buying this.

Source: ChipChick