DVR Hidden Cameras for budding spies


Ever wondered whether the maid you hired actually brings in her boyfriend to your apartment when you’re not around? If you’re thinking of catching a secret tryst on video, there are these DVR hidden cameras to consider – it comes in the form of an alarm clock like what you see on the right, but is connected to a special receiver and is smart enough to work only when it detects the presence of another human in the room.

Users can employ the cameras to watch nannies taking care of their children, office or business employees, inventory control at a warehouse, and many other types of covert use. With the SD card allowing anywhere from 8 to 144 hours worth of recording time, the user need not worry about running out of tape as with VHS tape, or space as with a DVD. The hidden camera’s DVR is completely contained within the system, therefore relieving worry of anyone noticing that they are being video recorded – no clicking noises, no lights on – the self recording hidden cameras are completely discreet.

These hidden cameras come in many form factors, ranging from a clock radio to an air purifier, an air freshener, or even a boom box. I’d be more wary about receiving these as gifts in the future.

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