BlackBerry and Optimus Maximus collide with new concept

This next device is a concept from a designer named Billy May which is a mix of the BlackBerry 7130 and the Optimus Maximus.

For those of you who have been asleep for the past few years and don’t know what the Optimus Maximus is, it is a keyboard with every button an individual OLED screen. This can be good for making shortcuts to your favorite websites by putting a picture of its logo on the shortcut button.

We already reported on its much-delayed release last year, and I suppose that putting Optimus Maximus technology on a BlackBerry is the next logical step for OLED keyboards.

It doesn’t look like this version would be a true QWERTY, because the keys are little too big. I’m guessing the technology for making tiny OLED keys for BlackBerry models like the 8830 just isn’t there yet. Then again, this picture here looks like a Photoshop CG model, or an actual picture of a BlackBerry 7130 with logos pasted on the keys.

Well, there is nothing I love more than covering concept technology like this. There are only three questions I have: First, can someone actually make this concept a reality? Second, would someone pay for this, even if it is really expensive? Third, isn’t the iPhone already doing this?