Nissan IT-Assisted Road Information System

Trust the Japanese to come up with ever safer methods of driving, and the latest would be the IT-Assisted Road Information System from Nissan. This system is in its infancy at the moment being in a research state, but ultimately its goal is to use cell phones and GPS receivers to provide advance warning to drivers concerning potentially dangerous situations and conditions, and this includes driving on the wrong way on freeway ramps – definitely useful when one has had a wee bit too much to drink when partying. Not only that, this system will also warn drivers of reducing and increasing speed at uphill and downhill grades. It would be interesting to see whether such a system will be implemented worldwide or not, but hey – anything that helps saves lives? We’re all for it.

Source: Navigadget

1 thought on “Nissan IT-Assisted Road Information System”

  1. Just a bigger excuse for all the horrible drivers out there. If everyone learned how to drive properly it wouldn’t really be an issue. In Japan most people are pretty good from the start because they have to pay like $1600 to get their license after they go through a bunch of tests. People here in the US can get a license so easily they have no respect for its privileges so there are plenty of horrible drivers who did just enough to pass the 1 single test.

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