Electrolux Versatility helps clean up your home


Granted, the Electrolux Versatility is no smart vacuum where it will be able to dance across your floors sucking up dirt while you sit down on the couch and enjoy your favorite TV show. No sir, you will still need to work those muscles, but at least Electrolux makes your life much easier thanks to the Versatility’s handle that aims to provide effortless cleaning in a stylish and easy-to-use design.

Versatility, the first bagless upright vacuum from Electrolux, features an innovative handle that transforms into a telescoping wand system, complete with a crevice tool and dusting brush. The Quick-Release Buckle on the vacuum, conveniently designed to resemble a seat belt buckle, instantly “pops” up the handle, transforming it into a 14-foot wand that cleans above the floor.Versatility also boasts an @hand turbo which attaches to the wand for even deeper cleaning of pet hair, dirt and dust. When returning @hand to the unit, a magnetic fastener securely locks it into place on the vacuum.

The entire Versatility is further augmented by a three-stage cyclonic suction system that is smart enough to separate most of the dirt from the air before it even reaches the filter, allowing the filter to remain clean for the vacuum to retain maximum cleaning power. And to make life easier, the bottom-empty dust cup is a smart move when it comes to convenience and neatness. The Electrolux Versatility will be out this summer for $299.99 each.

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