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Have an iPhone and looking for a safe way to unlock it without having it bricked? IphoneUnlocking.com has the solution for you with its latest iPhone unlocking software that prides itself in being able to unlock all iPhones successfully without taking up more than five minutes. As long as your iPhone falls under the 4GB v1.0.0 to the latest 16GB 3G v2.2 category, you will be able have it up and running on a carrier of your choice without too much hassle. Other features made available to your unlocked iPhone will include full iPod capability, YouTube video support, compatibility with popular applications including Google Maps, RSS feed support and Wi-Fi connectivity. Not only that, the package will also include the iPhone Stumbler which allows the user to check out any wireless networks in the area. AT&T and Apple surely won’t be too happy about this, that we’re sure.

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Picasso Says: February 2, 2009 at 9:15 am

Honestly, I think the whole idea of unlocking phones to use on other carriers is pathetic. Only shows you can’t afford the real deal and your such a cheapass tight wad. It’s like downloading music through shareware software for free because your too cheap to get the real CD and appreciate the hard work made by the artists. Or buying imitation crocs from Walgreens but their hard as fuck ha-ha! Just pathetic. I would not go around walking with an iPhone UNLESS I actually have them as a carrier because all it shows to other women is your a cheap bastard and if your willing to cheat a simple mobile carrier, how cheap are they also going to be in buying their sweetheart a nice diamond ring or taking her out to a nice restaurant and not TGIF- just sad. If you can’t afford the real original product, then save up but buying knockoff or unlocking or stealing from artists is just plain sad and makes you look like a dumb tightass cheaphole. You guys really think your going to impress a lady with your unlocked iphone? LMFAO goodluck with that, I’d hide it and never let her use it so she doesn’t see it’s not really an AT&T carrier and had to unlock it. If a woman can’t except me for what I am and what I have, she is not worth getting to know if she can’t appreciate a good honest man who is wise with his spending and buys when he can afford it and not mismanage his savings because that says a lot about a person if you can’t even handle your checking account- why you think companies check your credit history when applying for a job? They wish to see what type of individual you are and if you have good credit, BINGO, they know your a responsible individual and always taking care of business- someone the company can rely on 100% just something to think about for all you pathetic unlocking cheapass motherfukers!

JD Says: February 2, 2009 at 9:23 am

PICASSO you are a retard, 90% of people who Unlock their iphone due it not to get out of At&t because when you signup and buy the phone there is a 200 dollar cancellation fee which is more than buying the phone legitaly unlocked (You can order them from europe unlocked).
The main reason it is unlocked in the first place is when it was released there were NO APPS WHATS so ever, the unlocked phones were able to install apps and IMPROVE on the LIMITATIONS that apple ENFORCED on the end user. Now since Appstore is so restrictive, Unlocking is mainly used for people wishing to get apps apple doesn’t approve of cause apple’s lawyers say they are liable for…such as GPS and more advanced webbrowsers, and Folders and Complete customization of your homescreen

Yurasis Dragon Says: February 2, 2009 at 12:20 pm

You both are morons and need to learn how to spell.

JD, you are not talking about unlocking, you are talking about jail breaking.

Picasso, the reason a person would want to unlock a phone is for travel to other countries, so they can use their iPhone in that country without having to incur horrific roaming charges – they would use the SIM of a local provider.

Picasso, you need to drink decaffeinated coffee, I hardly think that guys are using their iPhone to pick up women. I think that is unlikely that guys are at bars saying “Lookee here ladies, MY iPhone is on AT&T, let’s have sex”.

JD Says: February 5, 2009 at 11:46 am

FYI… ALL the software your buying for $29.99 is FREE online. They simply consolidate it for ease of access. They just refer you to Pwnage tool and the .ISPW file. Then list out a step by step how to (which again can be found anywhere).

IF you have no clue and are nervous about Jailbreaking your iPhone their support/tech help is very responsive and fast, but otherwise not worth it.

JD Says: February 5, 2009 at 5:24 pm

That JD, was not the original Jd, just to let you know…and I am surpirsed an informed person bought it

fsuels Says: August 2, 2009 at 11:33 am

To unlock and jailbreak your iphone use this software. It worked for me in less than 6 minutes!

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