The High Voltage Pet Brush kills anything attached to your pet

by Ally

Why stop with electric shock collars?  Now you can electrocute your pets while you brush them.  Alright, so it probably won’t electrocute them, but it’s actually listed as a High Voltage Pet Brush.  It would take some serious faith in technology for any pet owner to feel comfortable enough to rub their pet down with this.  You can not only use it on your dog, but on your cat as well.

This high voltage grooming accessory will remove any shedding hair from your pet, keeping all of it off of your nice clean sofa.  It will also kill any living things attached to the pet, like fleas and small children.  Okay, probably not the small children, but it does mention fleas specifically.  It uses two AAA batteries to keep it up and running.  As of now, I’m thankfully not seeing anyone really that’s actually selling the brush.  You can check out info on it here though.

Source:  Crave

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