The Key Thing holds your keys for you

Instead of going the usual dull route of having hooks to toss your keys on, you could actually go the interesting route with this design.  It could take care of your keys without taking up too much wall space.  Although I wouldn’t entirely trust this if you have a love for a overabundance of keychains.  It might cause your key holder to fall out of the wall if your keys weigh too much.  If you do have normal keys though, it’d be a great way to make sure you don’t lose your keys quite as often.

Of course you’ll have to actually remember to hang your keys up in order for this route to work properly.  It was designed by Thomas Brinch-Moller and Jacob M. Lund.  Each hole has soft rubber to grip your keys and make sure they stay in place.  Unfortunately, it is still a design, so won’t be sold just yet.  However, if you like the style, Perpetual Kid has some cool His and Hers Key Holders.  They aren’t quite up to the level of this concept design, but concept designs are always far cooler than real products.

Source: Yanko