Motion-Controlled MP3 Player

by Mark R

This next particular gadget is only a concept for now, and I will let you be the judge of whether or not there is going to be a demand for it.

The Motion-controlled MP3 Player is everything that its title suggests, and you can see a demonstration of it in the YouTube video. As you watch, note that there are no buttons, dials, or controls of any kind on the shiny little box of an MP3 Player.

As soon as the user put in his memory card, one tip and tap was enough to play the first track. Then when he tip and tapped it in the other direction, it rewound it to the last track. Plopping it down face down is apparently enough to pause the player.

I suppose that this is an excellent product if you keep your MP3 player on your desk, but one of the unique qualities of MP3 players is that they are portable. If this motion-controlled MP3 Player is put in your pocket, it will change tracks and pause with every sudden movement.

Still, you got to have the creator credit for trying something new, but maybe he is guilty for thinking a little too much out of the box. But don’t listen to me, because I want to hear from you. Do you think you could use a motion-controlled MP3 Player? Better yet, would you buy one?


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