The SunLight Solar Flashlights

by Ally

Here’s another set of solar gear for the rugged outdoorsy types.  Well really, the SL-1 version of the light would be great for anyone.  The SL-1 is really just a great solar flashlight that hooks to your backpack and features a hard ABS plastic exterior.  Which means that it’s highly water and shock resistant.  The hook can also be hung up high to illuminate a wide area, instead of just being used to hang it on your backpack.  If you are looking to illuminate a lot, you might instead consider picking up the SL-2 flashlight.

The SL-2 is meant to completely replace the kerosene lantern.  With this you’ll have an eco-friendly light that will illuminate a fairly broad area.  The solar light makes sure to protect its batteries the best that it can.  It shuts off the battery when it is almost flat or terminates the charge to keep the battery from over-charging.  On high the light will run 4-5 hours, on medium 8-10 and on low for 16-20 or more.  Whereas on a full charge the SL-1 will run for 5-6 hours.  The SL-1 takes 8 hours to charge and the SL-2 takes 8-10.  You can purchase the SL-1 for $29 and the SL-2 for $39 on the SunNight Solar Store.

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Brian Bowker Says: January 28, 2009 at 12:02 pm

But you left out the coolest part of the SunNight Solar flashlights!! They are intended to be used in third world countries where there is no power and lung diseases run rampant in children because of the smoke from burning kerosene and diesel. When you buy yourself one of these lights you actually buytwo of them and the company sends the second one to an impoverished area! You get to have cool tech AND do a good deed at the same time!

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