So You Want to Be a Gladiator?

These next two items are for the die-hard Russell Crowe fans, and anyone else who loved the 2000 Oscar-winning movie Gladiator. These products are for those who really want to try out authentic gladiator combat without all of the bloodshed.

The first is the Inflatable Gladiator Combat Set that has two of everything inflatable including maces, shields, and helmets. Together, you can fight a friend or co-worker who has been getting on your nerves. Of course, you might need someone else to referee who the winner is. I mean, can you knock your opponent out with an inflatable mace?

The second is the Gladiat8r, a helmet that is so cool that it has a number in its name, like the show Numb3rs. Don’t let the obvious holes fool you, because this design uses an evenly distributed weight and can protect the bridge of the nose better than any other helm of its kind.

So now you got two ways to get your Gladiator on. However, I would avoid using these two products together. That Gladiat8r helmet looks like it is sharp enough to pop the inflatable mace.

The Inflatable Gladiator get-up is available at the Gadget Point website for about $16. As for the Gladiat8r helmet, it is only a product design at this point on Yanko Design.

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