Fast Finger Keyboard

Did you ever wonder why the letters on your keyboard are in the weird QWERTY order that they are? It actually goes back to when typewriters were invented, and the designers noticed that the keys kept jamming. Eventually, they figured out a way to space the letters out so there would be fewer jams, and now every child must learn typing with the ABCs all mixed up.

Of course, our computer keyboards are in no danger of jamming, so it is no wonder that someone invented the Fast Finger Keyboard. Apparently, it was designed by someone who was watching another person enter information on a computer and couldn’t stand the delay as this non-typist kept looking for the right letter.

Not only are the keys laid in order, but there are function keys located above the letters that can double as shortcuts for things like “www” as well as other IM abbreviations like emoticons.

All right, I’m clearly ignoring the fact that most people have learned to type on a QWERTY keyboard and they would have to seriously reprogram their conscious and unconscious minds in order to learn on an ABCDEF keyboard. Perhaps we are looking at a new age where a generation will learn the keys in the right order.

Well, the QWERTY keys are in red, and you can toggle the Fast Finger into the “traditional way” if you like. You should be able to get the Fast Finger keyboard for $27.95 if you would like to try out what could be the wave of the future.


3 thoughts on “Fast Finger Keyboard”

  1. Actually qwerty was also designed to make movement of the hands less of a hassle. Common letters that are used the most are situated in the middle with less used letters like q,z,x, punctuations etc set off to the sides.

    I seriously hope this doesn’t catch on.

  2. Qwerty keyboards were not made for less of a hassle. It was made slow people down. The Dvorak keyboard was laid out to speed up the types. It was patented in 1936. It did not work at the time becuase of the jamming. I have owned a couple in the 1990’s and do work well.

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