The BoomDesk with built-in speakers

Although having your designated desk is nice, sometimes you need to work in other areas of your house.  Be it because you need to watch the kids or watch dinner, it’s nice to able to move what you’re working on and hang out on the couch with it.  This BoomDesk helps you with exactly that, in many ways.  The deep compartments hidden underneath the desk lid would make switching rooms quick and easy.  It would also be great for kids to do their homework on, especially kids that share a room and can’t seem to do their homework when their sibling is around.

This also has the major perk of having built-in speakers to let you have your music around while you’re at work.  The base is a bean bag base and features a durable canvas.  It has four deep storage compartments, a magnetic lid lock and a hinged solid wood desktop.  It takes 4 AA to keep the speakers powered up, which of course, are not included.  The desk can be purchased in either pink or khaki.  You can purchase it for $59.99 at Toys ‘R’ Us.

Source: ChipChick