The Anemone Large Suspension Light

by Ally

If you have plenty of ceiling room, you could pick up this pendant light. It will fill up plenty of head room, and make sure that your room will by no means look empty. It’s definitely a contemporary style light and comes in a variety of colors. It looks a bit like a light that should be featured in some futuristic movie, but that will probably add to the appeal for a great deal of people.

The massive light hangs from a transparent electrical cable. It has the name it does, because the seller thinks it looks like a sea anemone. The giant and odd shape of it casts an even more odd shadow, it’d be enough to spook any kid wandering through the house at night. One time a car drives past with their headlights casting shadows off of the lamp and it’d end up looking like a sea monster back for a midnight snack. The lamp comes in black, white, green and red. You can purchase it for the very affordable £562.58 or about $774, that’s just pocket change.

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