The Tiny Personal Guard Alarm

by Ally

The Tiny Personal Guard Alarm is probably one of the more simple ways of keeping yourself protected.  It won’t work for every situation, but it might be helpful to some people.  Especially the elderly that just need to get the attention of someone within the house, but still out of shouting range.  If you make a habit of jogging at night or get nervous working the late shift, this might help put your mind at ease.

It’s also one of the most portable out of devices for self protection, it’s lightweight and just slips around your neck.  To activate it, just pull the key ring metal pin and it won’t stop until it’s put back.  Which means you could toss it away from you if you’re concerned about your pursuer silencing it.  The alarm is 120 db, which means it’d give anyone a headache in no time at all, including yourself.  It’s also a cheap little device, you can pick it up for $9 on Gadget Brando.

Source: GeekAlerts

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