The Mini Airplane USB Mouse

by Ally

How cute, a travel mouse shaped like an airplane.  You know, because you take it on an airplane when you’re traveling.  Yes, it is the slightest teeniest bit cheesy.  However, if you don’t mind the corny reasoning behind the shape, it’d definitely work as a travel mouse when you’re away from home.  The miniature mouse would probably also be a hit if you have any fairly young kids with a love for airplanes.

The bad part about the mouse would be when you go to pack it away in a bag for traveling purposes.  You’d have to be exceptionally careful about packing it in safely.  Otherwise those little wings off to the sides are never going to last through the trip.  The cord can be lengthened and shortened on four different levels to make sure it’s at a comfortable length.  The USB mouse can be purchased for $14 on Gadget4all.  So if the wings do break off, at least you won’t be out much cash.

Source: GeekAlerts

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