Apricorn DVR Xpander scores big on storage


Apricorn is name that you should know if you deal with personal storage, and the company has just released what they dub to be the highest capacity DVR external hard drive on the market, upping the ante with its 1.5TB DVR Xpander. Let us save you the headache of calculating just how many more backlog of shows you are able to run out before even that amount of space becomes insufficient for your needs – 1.5TB is able to add up to 843 hours of standard programming or 187.5 hours of high definition programming to your DVR. Just in case those numbers have yet to sink in, bear in mind that’s roughly the equivalent of sitting in front of your TV for 7.81 days straight without getting up or doing anything else except to enjoy high definition programming. Sounds like overkill? We definitely think so.

According to Mike McCandless, Apricorn’s VP of Sales and Marketing, “With the increasing availability of HD content, there never seems to be enough space to record all the great shows, movies and sporting events. As the largest capacity DVR expander on the market, we give our customers enough space so they can go on vacation and not miss any of their favorite programs and sporting events.” That’s the problem we have, Mike. Most people at this point in time already find it pretty difficult to make time to catch up with their favorite programs – giving them even more space is not going to solve the problem, in fact it will probably exacerbate it even more. I mean, you will probably think, “Ah, I still have 500GB worth of storage space so I’ll forgo tonight’s episode and record it.” Before you know it, you’ve chanted that mantra to yourself for a zillion times until all 1.5TB is used up, which Apricorn would probably have released a 3TB model then.

The Apricorn DVR Xpander will come in 500GB ($119), 750GB ($149), 1TB ($179) and 1.5TB ($239) capacities. All purchases come with a 1 year warranty.

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