Truphone Anywhere arrives on Android platform

Truphone has just let the cat out of the bag – proud owners of Android-powered cell phones will be able to take advantage of the TruPhone Anywhere application for free. Yes, free – something which is pretty scarce to come by these days considering the current economic outlook that shows no sign of good news in the forseeable future. This generous move by Truphone is now available on the Android Market in the UK and the US. The release of Truphone Anywhere for Android also marks another watershed moment – T-Mobile will be making available the G1 cell phone in March this year. Just to get the ball running, Truphone Anywhere for Android will be the first native language multi-communications application in the Android Market in Germany and Austria as it is launched at CeBIT 2009.

What does Truphone Anywhere for Android do, you ask? For starters, it is able to deliver an all-in-one conversations hub which enables customers to take advantage of Truphone’s low international call rates – that on top of the cost of a local call. Needless to say, operator roaming chargers still apply if you happen to be abroad, so make sure you don’t go nuts chatting while overseas lest you get a heart attack when the bill arrives next month. Truphone customers are also able to send instant messages to their friends across a wide range of networks which comprise of MSN, Yahoo!, Google Talk and Twitter among others – all from within a solitary Android application. Not only that, users can also chat up their friends over Google Talk for the price of a local call, and there are future plans to enable instant messaging and phone call support to friends on Skype.

With this release, Truphone has clearly broken all boundaries as it is available on Android, Apple iPhone, Apple iPod touch, Blackberry and Nokia devices.

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