The iShelf takes design cues from Cover Flow

by Ally

There really isn’t much to do with CD cases.  In reality, very few people even bother to buy CDs in the first place, but there are some that will buy the CD of a band or singer that they respect a great deal.  That way they can check out the cover art and have a physical CD to hang onto.  Well if that is your habit, here’s an interesting way of displaying the CD case.  After all, even if you respect the artist a great deal and wanted the CD, the case is still bulky and in the way.

CDs can at least go in a book along with the rest of your CDs.  Which is a far easier way to store them, as opposed to leaving it in the case and trying to stack them all together.  Well if you like the look of Coverflow, you’ll likely enjoy this shelf.  It gives you an attractive way to display a few of your favorite artists and show your love for Apple products.  This will only work with standard cases, no two disc sets will work.  It was designed by Li Jianye and sadly probably won’t be hitting stores anytime soon.

Source:  bbgadgets

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