The retro QTV Digital Photo Frame

Digital picture frames have started to become just popular enough, that better styles are coming out.  I was definitely happy when they started selling them with frames that at least appeared to be wood.  The shiny black plastic never really blended well with my living room.  Well now Brando has created a slightly more quirky version of their own.  The frame comes in the form of a retro style TV and does more than just show off your favorite family photos.

It’s not very large, it’s only a 3.5” LCD screen, but it gets the job done.  It also has a built-in FM Radio, as well as an MP3 and MP4 viewer.  It’s small enough that it’d be perfect for anyone who loves to travel and wants to keep their pictures with them.  It doesn’t have built-in memory, but you can of course plug in an SD/SDHC memory card or a USB drive.  You can either plug this into the wall, or use the rechargeable Li-on battery.  You can pick it up for $89 in either pink or yellow on Brando.

Source: CraziestGadgets