The i-Turtle speaker plays and dances with music

If you have a thing for cute speakers, the i-Turtle is definitely that.  Especially since it’s a quirky little turtle that manages to have that classic white that is always associated with Apple products.  The i-Turtle can not only play your music, but he can groove along with it as well.  This music loving turtle even comes with a little light show on occasion.  Which does take away from the chic white a bit.  Hopefully if you wanted to, you could turn that function off.

Just plug the turtle into your MP3 player and he’ll play your music through his built-in speaker.  If you’d like to see him dance, put him next to another speaker and he’ll raise his shell and bob his head along with the music.  He’ll also flash his lights along with the beat of the music, apparently he even whines when he wants more music.  It’s warned though that you don’t flick his tail, apparently he won’t be happy about that.  You can purchase the i-Turtle for $19.99 from the Hasbro Toy Shop.  It won’t be shipped until the 10th of February though, so you’ll have to express ship it if you want it in time for Valentine’s Day.

Source: GeekAlerts