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If you happen to lead a rather active lifestyle outdoors, in particular by the beach, then chances are you would not want to risk wearing your expensive Rolex or Tag Heuer while engaging in sports like surfing, sailing, kite-surfing, swimming and wind-surfing. Instead of using a sundial to tell the time, why not settle for the Breo watch instead?

This watch is waterproof to 10 meters and comes with a permanently affixed natural rubber band made with the naturally occurring mineral Tourmaline (which we’ve been told is responsible for many beneficial health effects when worn next to the skin – as long as it keeps the watch falling off our wrists, we’ll be happy). All you need to do is just roll it onto your wrist and forget about it. If you find that you’re surfing deeper than 10m down, then you need to work on your technique. It’s cheap, tough as old boots, and the perfect worry-free watch to wear when you’re larking about in the great outdoors.

It comes in pink, blue and black colors, where each individual color will be available in small, medium and large sizes. You can bring home the Breo watch for £9.99 if you happen to live in the southern hemisphere and want to take the opportunity to go surfing at this time of the year.

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iris kite Says: September 10, 2009 at 4:14 pm

Please tell me how to order the watches. I would like at least 2 dozen…so I would also like a better price, if possible. I live in California.

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