The Speaker Charging Valet

by Ally

Organizing your gadgets is always a pain, it’s much easier to let the wires tangle and have the gadgets strewn about on your nightstand.  It doesn’t look very good, but it’s a bit easier than taking the time to sort the wires and figure out what method of organization works best for you.  You can either work up some method of organization of your own, or fork out a chunk of cash to pay for a charging station of some kind.  If you have decided to go the purchasing route, Pottery Barn’s teen division has an attractive Speaker Charging Valet.

It has a dock for your iPod, which will charge it and has built-in speakers to actually play your iPod as well.  It also has a spot to tuck wires through and a power strip on the back, to allow you to charge up your other small gadgets, like your cellphone.  This is especially great for your bedroom, because it has compartments that will work great to stash anything you carry in your pockets.  On the plus side, this navy blue charging valet is marked down a great deal from the original price.  On the down side, it’s still a bit pricey.  You can pick it up for $74.99, which is a bit better than the original price of $169.

Source: CraziestGadgets

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