Sylvania LED PalPODzzz Portable Ladybug Nightlight


It comes across as no surprise that kids are afraid of the dark, even more so when their minds have gone through the trauma of viewing one of those classic horror movies, where their imagination will get the better of them in no time. Well, we all know that monsters hiding under the bed are terrified of light, making the Sylvania LED PalPODzzz Portable Ladybug Nightlight a rather potent weapon in a kid’s arsenal. This rechargeable nightlight offers both security and safety to your little one, as it will light up automatically whenever lifted from the charger. The same happens if it is docked and a power outage occurs, or you can always manually turn it on. A full charge can give up to 5 hours of non-stop light, which is more than enough for ordinary, everyday use to search for fallen teddy bears or wayward Lego pieces under the bed. You can purchase this nifty techy “comfort blanket” for $19.99.

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