Pocket Wireless Touchpad


The Pocket Wireless Touchpad offers you the ability to control your computer from across the room without any wires, featuring a portable laptop-style touchpad that resides in the palm of your hand, accompanied by full media controls and a built-in laser pointer that will certainly make your presentation job a whole lot easier, leaving you to concentrate more on the event and audience instead of focusing on your interaction with the computer. Unless you have a speaking engagement that lasts for over 4 hours, the Pocket Wireless Touchpad ought to be good enough with its 4 hour battery life. It can be charged via USB or when docked in a standard PCMCIA slot. Since the 2.4GHz Bluetooth connection is secure, you don’t have to worry too much about anyone hijacking your presentation, just make sure all the TV-B-Gones are left at the door in case you’re using a few LCD panels to augment your presentation. ThinkGeek is offering this for $59.99.

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