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Ever gone for a long road trip with kids at the back, only to get asked about a million times (I’m exaggerating, but at least it feels like it) the dreaded question, “Are we there yet?”. For seasoned parents, they would know how to stock up the vehicle with their kids’ favorite things to keep them occupied, be it books, toys or video games. I suspect most kids prefer video games, as that is much more entertaining compared to books which actually require one to work his/her imagination. Having said that, Audiovox’s solution is to introduce the first rear-seat mobile entertainment system in the industry that features a fully integrated PS2 entertainment system.

Being launched at the recently concluded CES in Las Vegas, the premier model that took the show by storm comprises of an all-in-one, overhead drop down system that boasts the best of Audiovox’s overhead DVD players, except that you have the advantage of bashing buttons this time round by staying entertained,
having thousands of titles from the PS2’s amazing game library. After all, the console has been out long enough to own an enviable collection of classics, and the PS2 does have far superior graphical processing capability compared to other rear-seat entertainment systems which were introduced in the past that had a mere GBA processor. This offering from Audiovox not only features an integrated PS 2 system, it also comes with a 16-channel wireless FM modulator and is able to display full color on its 10.2″ display in 16:9 aspect ratio.

The system will be accompanied by a range of accessories, comprising of a wireless DVD remote control, a couple of fold-flat wireless IR headphones and an equal number of wireless game controllers. Audiovox will also be offering two more systems for discerning parents to choose from – a drop-down style PS2 without a display, where you plug in the PS2 into the overhead compartment for easy use. The other option consists of a system that integrates the PS2 into a Quick Connect Headrest Bracket that ought to fit into most vehicles in a snap. As with the former, it is compatible and ought to work just fine with the majority of factory or aftermarket headrest or overhead mobile video systems.

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