Zac Brown Band releases live performance on USB wristband


Unless you’re deep into the world of music with all its relatively obscure names compared to mainstream acts, Zac Brown Band won’t really draw the crowds compared to mainstays like Madonna and Britney Spears (OK, flames in the comments can come later for these two examples, but we’re trying to make a comparison here) despite their debut Atlantic Records single “Chicken Fried” having reached #1 on Billboard’s Hot Country and top 20 on Billboard’s Hot 100. Fans of Zac Brown Band will now be able to get hold of their live shows on USB wristbands, thanks to a partnership with Aderra, Inc. Just in case that name rings a bell, that’s because Aderra is the brains and creator behind the “Live in a Flash” technology, allowing one to bring home Zac Brown Band’s thrilling live performances home.

At the end of each live show, fans of Zac Brown Band will be able to pick up USB wristbands containing the entire recording of that night’s live show – this is much better than waiting for a while before a CD or DVD is reproduced, although the DVD will boast the advantage of having video in addition to audio, but for those who won’t mind just listening, this instantaneous release is most definitely welcome. In addition, the USB wristband will also contain the full Atlantic Records studio album “The Foundation”, as well as photos and Web links to the band’s site. The entire user dashboard was developed by Aderra, Inc. for a more immersive experience where fans are concerned.

It would be interesting to see which other band will follow Zac Brown Band’s footsteps and adopt Live in a Flash! technology for their future concerts. If the USB wristbands are priced just right, you can be sure that these will further accelerate the CD’s extinction, and fans will be able to get the instant fix that very night when they go home.

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