Wavecam offers new dimension of viewing for sports fans

It is amazing to see how far we’ve come where innovation in broadcast sports programs have come – just when we thought the current high-definition-slow-motion-reverse-camera angles were the bomb, along comes a contender to blow that out of the water – and we proudly present you the Wavecam, where action speaks louder than the play by play announcers.

What is the Wavecam, you ask? This is an aerial robotic camera system that was specially constructed to pan, tilt and zoom all while moving both vertically and horizontally over a variety of sporting arenas, including football fields, basketball courts or hockey rinks. As you can see, larger venues are favored in order to maximize the Wavecam’s effectiveness in bringing the action closest to home. As for the benefits of a Wavecam over existing video broadcasting, viewers will be able to benefit from new and different angles in addition to traditional views that we’ve all come to know and love. Both the audience and coach will be able to check out just about any view imaginable, be it in the play or over the play.

Here are the following specifications for the Wavecam :-

  • Stabilized camera motion in 3-D space
  • Horizontal travel speed: up to 20 mph
  • Vertical travel speed: up to 5 fps (feet per second)
  • Camera pan: 360 degrees
  • Camera tilt: 110 degrees
  • Fiber optic transmission of video and audio signals
  • Compatible with major camera brands in SD and HD
  • Single or dual operator configurations
  • Camera module size: Approximately 2-feet x 1-foot x 1-foot

According to Penn State University’s (PSU) head football coach, “The Wavecam is a great asset for us. The camera can get behind the quarterback in the center, it can get sideways when the offensive line lines up or they’re up on the ball. We can get just about anything we want – and get it better with the Wavecam.” The results speak for itself – PSU went on to win a Big Ten championship as well as a trip to the Rose Bowl after installing the Wavecam at the team’s practice facility.

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