The solar-powered Bugbut named Nigel

by Ally

It’s an ugly gadget kind of day apparently.  First it was the strange USB speaker, now it’s this mystery gadget.  After staring intently at the three different pictures, I’m still not sure what it’s supposed to be.  Gathering from the name, it’s some sort of bug that the creator cooked up in their head.  The creator was kind enough to state that he’s a goth bug, because he loves to dress in black rubber.  Although he’s a confused goth that needs the sun to survive.

You might be wondering what exactly it is that he does.  After all, that solar-power must be getting used to do something.  Well to use him, sit him in the window to absorb the sun.  However, make sure to make it so he can’t fall out of the window, because he wanders about.  Yes, that’s his one and only function, he moves.  I do have tragic news though, the gadget that was priced at $80 on Etsy is now all sold out.  Don’t worry though, there are five other strange little Bugbuts that can be purchased.

Source: BBGadgets

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