Thermapak’s Heatshift Cooling Pads

by Ally

Laptops burning up your lap is an issue many laptop owners have to deal with.  Even with new laptops, after prolonged use, even they become warm.  Well here’s another idea to keep your legs from cooking.  These cool Thermapaks would be great to roll up and toss in your luggage or laptop bag for when you’re traveling. Since they roll up so nicely, it’d be easy to keep them near your laptop.  They also feature a soft squishy design, so you won’t have to deal with having hard plastic resting on top of your legs.

I’ve never really found my laptop to be uncomfortable purely because of the hard plastic, but it might be nice to have something a little softer to set it on.  Since it’s made for this, it will probably work better than just placing a throw pillow on your lap, between you and the laptop.  Which I’ve gotten desperate enough to do before.  Thankfully, I finally replaced that particular laptop, I swear you could fry eggs on that thing.  The Thermapak will work with laptops 13” to 17” and can be purchased in either bright pink or just the simple black.  These range from $27.99 to $34.99, it varies depending on which size you purchase.

Source: ChipChick

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