Koss CC_01 Earbuds adjust to fit your ears

by Ally

There is never a shortage of people annoyed by earbuds.  Typically the issue is that they fall out of your ears, personally I’m still am looking for a pair of earbuds that I’m entirely really happy with.  Well Koss has developed a new type of earbud that conforms to your ears far better than the competition.  So far earbuds just have different sizes of squishy covers to go over the earbuds.  However, Koss makes their earbuds completely customizable so they’re sure to fit your ears.

Koss’s CC_01 earbuds have expandable and contractible tips.  To adjust them, just screw or unscrew the end of the earbud that sticks out of your ear.  This way you get a much more snug fit and one that will hopefully make it so they fall out of your ears at least a bit less.  Of course there is no word on how great the sound quality is on these.  However, hopefully your favorite brand of earbuds will pick up on the idea as well.  These are expensive though, they’re being sold for $150 a pair.  These won’t be released until March though.

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John Rayson Says: January 11, 2009 at 1:24 pm

KOSS do the same, self ajust ear phones!! and they are really 100% GOOD!!, Less than £10..00. $6 approx.

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