iCap places an MP3 player with speakers to your hat

Many of us have heard about the dangers of wandering around with our headphones on. With them on it drowns out surrounding noises and that is of course not always such a good thing. Which, for adults is a bit on the dangerous side, but for the most part the concern is for the youth. Well this iCap makes an attempt to solve that problem and frankly, they fail miserably at it. Sure I can see the occasional middle aged male wandering around doing yard work with this attached to his cap and his kids hiding inside with their heads hung in shame. However, for most people, it just looks ridiculous.

This managed to find its way to CES, which means the company actually paid for a booth to display this within. Apparently they didn’t get the memo that ideas like this should be hidden in the back room in shame. The device has an FM tuner, a voice recorder, a display, as well as two speakers. It also features 1GB of built-in memory and a Micro SD slot. The entire device clips onto the baseball cap of your choice. The ridiculous part is (yes there is a worse part), they’re actually wanting to get $119.95 for one of these.

Source: Gearlog