Look Out Motion-control, here comes the Cywee!

by Mark R

I hold to the belief that the coolest gadgets are probably the ones that we do not know about. I met with a lot of big names at CES today like Panasonic, Samsung, and Pioneer, but one of the most amazing devices that I found was the Cywee.

The Cywee is a combination of a motion control mouse like the Logitech MX Air and a gun controller for video games. It connects to a PC by plugging in a wireless USB key. From there, the user can have a more realistic first person shooter experience using the trigger underneath. The rest of the control is all about motion, and if the user holds it at each end, it works like the controls for Mario Cart for the Wii.

You might notice a small crease on the Cywee which is actually a swivel. Turning here will turn the shape of the Cywee from a boomerang to a stick. You might be thinking that that the Cywee could work as a Wiimote or Nyko’s Wand, but it won’t work with the Wii or any console games.

Still, it is good to see that some companies are thinking creatively when it comes to new ideas for products. It is also amazing what you can find in between appointments at CES. Cywee was launched in Hong Kong, and they are looking to get it mass-marketed in the United States.

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