The Tunebug and other fun with NXT Technology

by Mark R

Some of you may remember when I reported on Teac’s new iPod Docking Station that uses the NXT flat speaker system. Ever since then, I just keep running into NXT products. Last night, I opened the Soundbag that I received from the Sharper Image party, and the NXT logo was there.

This morning, I attended the NXT breakfast at CES and I discovered another nifty product that uses NXT’s Surface Surround Sound technology. The Tunebug, designed by Silicon Valley Global, has the unique ability to turn any flat surface into a speaker.

In order to prove this, Dick Brown, president of Silicon Valley Global, placed the Tunebug on an ordinary piece of cardboard. He held the cardboard out like a tiny diving board, and I could hear clear sound as the flat surface became a speaker.

The Tunebug has a Micro SD Card that can store up to 500 music files for up to five hours of playing time. The company also showed me how the Tunebug can be attached magnetically to a motorcyclist’s helmet, so he or she can hear music as he or she is riding on the road. Not only can it play music independently, but it can be hooked up to an iPod and act as a speaker.

Unfortunately, Silicon Valley Global was not able to give me a release date for this product. The only thing they say in their Press Kit is “Stay Tuned”.

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