The Sonoro Elements Stardust Radio

by Ally

It’s a sad day for me.  I typically make fun of the numerous shiny gadgets and even go on to poke a bit of fun at those that would actually pay money for them.  Now I must sheepishly admit that I actually like this Swarvoski encrusted radio.  In my defense, I wouldn’t actually spend the outrageous amount of cash to buy it.  Perhaps it’s just the picture, a trick of the light, it couldn’t possibly be that I actually find this device to be somewhat elegant and attractive.

The Sonoro Elements Stardust Radio hilariously enough is said to have a minimalist design.  I’m sure they’re referring to the sleek front of the radio, however, it’s great to see something with that many crystals described as minimalist.  It has an upward-facing speaker and bass reflex tube that will offer a nice clear as well as robust sound according to the seller.  It has a Aux-in that will allow you to hook up your iPod and other audio devices.  As well as a touch panel control, adjustable bass and treble and 10 preset stations.  If you just like the speccs of the device and that sleek front, you can pick it up without the crystals for $250 on Amazon.  However, if you’re itching for the shiny version you can purchase it for $2500 on Saks Fifth Avenue.

Source: Technabob

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