Sharper Image is Back at CES 2009!

by Mark R

I couldn’t stand reading the article one year ago when we reported that The Sharper Image filed for bankruptcy. For years, The Sharper Image had been a beacon of inspiration to technology enthusiasts everywhere.

Fortunately, the company has signed a licensing contract with another company called HoMedics. So now Sharper Image Products, or SI Products, lives once more. In fact, The Sharper Image had a lot to display at its booth at CES 2009 with twenty-four new products.

Most of these products are practical technologies that are in-demand for most households. For example, the Home Audio products are designed with iPhone and iPod docks, and some of them have detachable wireless speakers.

Other examples of their products include a 7-inch Digital Alarm Clock Photo Frame (EC-B175) and an Internet Radio with iPod dock (EC-S115). Sadly, most of these products are not due out until Q3 of this year at the earliest.

It is nice to have Sharper Image back again, and I’m glad to see that they have made changes to suit both the customer’s needs and styles. By the way, the Sharper Image was nice enough to give me one of those Soundbags that we reported on one month ago. I can’t wait to try it out.

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