ReBit – Time Machine for Windows


“So what am I looking at?”

Time machine for Windows.”

That was pretty much how the conversation surrounding the Rebit product went and I can’t think of a better description so I’m stealing it! (with apologies to Apple…).

Rebit copies any and all changes made to your PC onto a backup drive, silently and automatically. If you ever need to go back to a previous version of a file you can use the normal windows explorer interface to inspect the disk as it was at any given date.

The system manages space automatically – if you make a change to a file every day for example  then you’ll have lots of previous versions. As the drive gets low on space it removes the oldest copies automatically to make way for the newer ones.

Because it’s a complete system copy it can also recover a failed machine. You can boot up a machine using the recovery CD, pick a date and it will restore the PC to the exact state it was in at that time.

You can buy it packaged into various capacities of USB hard drive or as a separate software install if you already have spare storage. It can use any hard drive, built in or external as it’s backup store but not a network share (yet). Personally I quite like the idea of partnering it with one of these but that’s probably just because I’m looking for an excuse to buy a fireproof hard drive!

4 thoughts on “ReBit – Time Machine for Windows”

  1. True, but it’s about accessibility. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who’s used shadow copy and most non-technical users don’t even know it exists. Technology is only half the story – Making it accessible to everyday users is what makes a product.

  2. Genie Timeline has been released and Ive tried it.. A true time machine for windows…What’s amazing about this product is the set it and forget it concept like Apples Time Machine.
    its easy to use, you can backup to anywhere and i like the fact that you dont need to know where to restore.. it knows where to restore your emails all on its own..
    and i hear that they will add system backup to this and it is to be released very soon!

    – David when is the beta to be released?

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