Put your data in the cloud with Pogoplug

by Marc

The Pogoplug

I like simple. Strange thing to say for a geek but to paraphrase Honda, sometimes it’s nice when things just work.

That’s what I find appealing about the Pogoplug. Plug a USB hard drive in to it. Plug it into your router. See your hard drive on the internet. That’s it – no config, no networking to set up, no monthly fee. It just… works!

Or at least that’s the promise. To be fair we’ll need to get our paws on one before we can confirm the claim (it’s in preproduction at the moment) but it looks easy enough.

You can access your data through a web interface but they’ve also created drivers for Windows and OSX that make the Pogoplug appear as a drive letter so you can just use the drive without worrying about where it is.

(And yes, all the transfers between you and your hard drive are encrypted.)

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