EMTEC Gdium – a netbook with a G-Key


There’s a multitude of netbooks on the market at the moment, so I nearly walked straight past the new one from EMTREC, the Gdium mobile netbook. The unique selling point of the Gdium is that it has no storage and must be booted from a USB drive, known as the G-Key.

The G-Key contains the OS (Linux), applications and user data and slots undeneath the front of the machine. The idea behind it is that each user will have their own G-Key so one Gdium netbook could be shared between multiple users with no risk at all to others’ data. It’s an interesting idea, though with the relative cheap price of netbooks I’m not sure if sharing one is really needed though if you could also use the G-Key in other machines it would make carrying a PC in your pocket a something of a reality.

Further info and machine specs can be found on the Emtec site.

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Free Netbook Says: February 18, 2009 at 12:37 am

wow, these things will prove to be interesting..

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