CES hosts BCS Championship Game, in Live 3D!

by Mark R

I consider myself a lucky man, for today, I took part in history. I had the chance at CES 2009 to attend the first ever live 3D broadcast of the FedEx BCS Championship Game.

This “groundbreaking” televised broadcast of the University of Florida Gators vs. the University of Oklahoma Sooners took place at the Theatre of Arts in the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. The event was sponsored by 3ality Digital, with cooperation from Fox Sports, Sony, and Cinedigm Digital Cinemas.

So how was the experience? Let’s just put it this way: when the camera goes over the crowd, you can see a sense of depth. The people who are sitting in the back rows don’t just look smaller, but they truly look further away. When the camera passes by a row of cheerleaders, it looks like you are walking by the cheerleaders.

In short, it is like you are actually at the stadium watching game itself. It helped that there was a crowd in the theater cheering for their favorite team, and there were even hot dogs and other various sports arena snacks readily available that helped to complete the illusion of spectator seating.

The televised broadcast was not without its share of technical difficulties. At times, the screen went kind of fuzzy, and the sound cut out several times, often with loud interference that was loud as a gunshot.

Sure, there are a few bugs in the system, but this is definitely a dawning of a new era of sports and technology. I’ve heard no plans of the Super Bowl being broadcast live in 3D, but I’m sure somebody is already talking about it after today.

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Mike Says: January 10, 2009 at 3:05 pm

For the most part what was happening at the CES was a local Satellite issue and not the enite broadcast.

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