SealShield keyboard – fit for Howard Hughes?

by Marc


SealShield have (so they tell me) been producing products for the healthcare / hospital industry for years but they’re making a new foray into the consumer space with a range of washable, anti-bacterial computer and AV products. 

To start with we have the Silver Surf wireless keyboard with integrated touchpad. The keyboard is completely spill proof and can even be used totally submerged. When you think about the hostile environment living room PCs are exposed to (beer, popcorn, kids…) this could be a handy HTPC controller.

They also have a laser mouse that uses a touch sensitive strip instead of a traditional scroll wheel (less components to gunk up) and finally a universal home theatre remote control.

There are variations on the keyboard and mouse (with/without cord or touchpad) and all the products are dishwasher safe- you don’t even need to remove the batteries!

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Francis Reid Says: October 16, 2009 at 6:33 am

Just received sample of beta keyboard/mouse from Logitech, very nice and great price. Not sure I would trust product from Seal Shield as Logitech is well establish and exposure is high if issues arise.

Mascot is seal is pretty dumb..

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